NOTE – Sponsers for 2013/14 were http://www.cupoftea.uk.com

Congratulations on finding this site, which may well become known as the single greatest advancement in mankind’s cultural history since the linear cutting of baked dough!

First and foremost, essential to the smooth running of this entity is the ‘It’s a Long and Winding Road’ Master League, which will run all season from GW1-GW38 as a traditional cumulative score league with all (131 – tbc) managers. If you are not in this League, you are out altogether. The League pin, absolutely confidential, will be revealed by email some time after FPL opening.

Secondly, seven Head-to-Head Private Leagues will be run, which will be controlled by promotion and relegation, so long as we carry on … If you are not in one of these Leagues, you are also out altogether. This year, the bottom league will be decided by last Season’s FPL rank.

League pins, absolutely confidential, to be sent via email.

Thirdly, drawn in (GW26 – tbc), and beginning in (GW27 – tbc) is the wondrous The LAWR Knockout Competition! 128 team Knockout Cup. Selection will be made from the H2H Leagues, the bottom teams being excluded on a rotating basis, starting each cycle with Cloud Nine(LAWR 1), until we have reduced the participants to 128.


To err is human, to forgive is divine, to lurk is unacceptable.


158 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Doos/Gink,

    Would be very grateful for a spot if you have one spare, or form an extra league.
    Understand completely if you’re full up.

    Colonel Wasabi

  2. Hi Chaps

    Would love to join the league / s next year

    If any space for and old one please put me in on the list


  3. Hi. Would love to get involved in the leagues if there is any space available in the upcoming season. Understand there is a long waiting list but thought I would get onto the back of it! Thanks all.

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