Hall of Fame

12/13 Winners

Simpli-Special Knockout Cup :

HVT – Hard Van Toulose (Winner)

A Bunch of punts – Evs (Finalist)


Berbasloths – Chazz

Berbinho’s Forehead – Gervinho’s Forehead

H2H League Winners:

Cloud Nine: A bunch of punts – Evs

Le Corbusier: Hello we are team – Jonty

Heatherwick: Pienaar Buttner Jelly – Parmtree

Victor Horta: Lallana’s in Pajamas – Mull

M. C. Escher: Messimerized – Messimerized (Maximerized)

LAWR Winner:

A bunch of punts – Evs


13/14 Winners


Kun Ba Yaya My Lord – Declan (Winner)





H2H League Winners:

Cloud Nine: Hello we are team – Jonty

Le Corbusier: Turbo Dog’s Dinner – Turbodog

Heatherwick: Cahills Have Eyes – Chrissy Waddle

Victor Horta: Giggs Boson – Giggs Boson

M. C. Escher: The Home Run Bakery – Home Run Baker

Voicemail Slide: Bandwagon United – Ryan

Vertebrae McConnell: Athletico Timbo – Athletico Timbo

LAWR Winner:

Geezer’s Excitement – ElNinoRules


One thought on “Hall of Fame

  1. Doos, please can you add me to the bottom of the waiting list?

    I hope it’s not too long a list!


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