League 7 – Vertebrae McConnell

Designed to utilise advances in plastic printing techniques, this staircase can be constructed with just the aid of a standard 3D printer. With one “vertebrae” component repeated multiple times it harks back to the prefabrication techniques first invented for original Crystal Palace.

Inspired by the spine of a whale, the Vertebrae Staircase is not simply mimicry of organic form but an exploration in shaping structure. Much of the design work went into refining the single component, or vertebra, that mate with each other creating a unified spine running from floor plate to floor plate. These interlocking vertebrae provide a rigid structure for the steps, railing and its users. And the railing is reinforced by connections that help the staircase resist rotational forces caused by the cantilevered steps.

The Vertebrae Staircase is a reconfiguration of a familiar form and its connections, resulting in a unique yet functional piece of vertical circulation.

It also comes in other shades of Grey …



League Info

20 Managers

4 Managers promoted

4 Managers relegated, maybe! If there is an eighth Staircase, next year!



ALL will automatically qualify for The Knockout Cup, EXCEPT the LAST player, who will fall out. Then the SECOND LAST player of Cloud Nine is removed, and so on down the staircase, and back to the top, until we return here. Then the SECOND LAST player is removed, and so on down the staircase, until we return here. This process continues, until we have EXACTLY 128 players left, who will then form the DRAW.


2013/4 Table:

Pos. Team Name FFS Nickname Pts. Score 13/4 COTKC
1 Athletico Timbo Athletico Timbo 73 2281
2  Torres Magic™ Torres Magic™ 64 2285
3 SessHuthRocknCarroll Konig Luther 64 2225
4 FC Falken DonTheSpecialOne 61 2352
5  InTommyWeTrust InTommyWeTrust 61 2272
6 Råjernet FK Dogba 59 2210
7 ballistic trousers Malcolm Tucker for England Manager 58 2179
8 The Hoosier Daddies Iain_90 58 2092
9 Two Headed Sex Beast Adam West 58 2004
10 Why? Zep 56 2121
11 Belieber CHU YOUNG PING PONG 53 2037
12 ..ⓉⒶⒻⒶⓏⒺⓇ KING NIL MISS   49 2118
13 SchürrleHazMatOscar THE MATA IS CR7 IS HAZARDOUS TO MESSI 43 2092
14 Fer and Tremmel FUTBOLNOTSOCCER 34 1972
15 Coleman’s Mustard ToffeeNose 28 1803
16 Cantona’s Crew King Eric 12 1315


2014/5 LEAGUE:


Pos. Team Name FFS Nickname Pts. Score 13/4 COTKC
15 Coleman Maybe? Saniul 35 2023  
16 Agüero,TheWrathOfGod MAK_GOLD 34 2071
14 Barnes n Noble FUTBOLNOTSOCCER 34 1972
15 Coleman’s Mustard ToffeeNose 28 1803
Run Zombies Run AvishekT
Laia Grassi FC Snake Juice
3 Men and a Bebé Beavis
Innsie’s Elite Innsie
No F in chance ICON
FC Canary 1912 Pepin
R2-Michu Somalion
Blue Lion’s Pride Blue Lion
The Winning Team Milanista
FortunesAlwaysHiding Fortune’sAlwaysHiding
Schurrle-I’mThe-Juan Arvin-ation
Dawn of the Fred Irish Madridista
Life is Krul Pap le Cissier
Gaal have Rooney Wakey
Pundit of Punts Pundit of Punts



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